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My husband and I have been hopping around Asia for the last few years, first living in Bangkok, then Saigon, and now Hong Kong. While every major city has its similarities, there are distinct differences that make each location unique. Read on to discover a few of my impressions of Bangkok and Saigon and the quirky customs that we were faced with on a daily basis. Some of these were fascinating, some were frustrating, and some were just downright weird. But if it was exactly like Australia, the adventure wouldn't have been as special and memorable as it was.


If anyone asked me if they should live in another country for a time, I would wholeheartedly say yes, absolutely, jump in with an open mind and be enchanted (or horrified) by a culture totally unlike your own. The rewards are endless.



18 months living in Bangkok, Thailand.



12 months living in Saigon, Vietnam.

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