Eight days hiking the Kokoda Trail in Papua New Guinea, following in the footsteps of the Australian soldiers as they fought against the formidable Japanese Army during World War II.


My hiking adventures on the islands of Hong Kong, exploring both the popular trails and the lesser known secluded routes. 


Three weeks in Nepal to tackle the 200km long Annapurna Circuit Trek, reaching an elevation of 5416m, and the 100km Annapurna Sanctuary Trek.


What's it like to live in another country vastly different from your own? Here I have jotted down some of my thoughts of living overseas and provided some tips for anyone who is contemplating a move to Asia.


Six months, 16 countries and 2 bulging backpacks. This is the story of our incredible adventure exploring the other side of the world like gap year students, only that we were in our 30s and refused to sleep in dorm rooms.


11 days exploring Lombok and Bali, the two most popular islands in Indonesia, hitting the beaches and volcanoes.


Our 11 day journey through Peninsula Malaysia. We started in the capital, Kuala Lumpur, before heading up to the hills of the Cameron Highlands. Next, it was over to foodie capital Penang, and lastly relaxing on the island of Langkawi. 


Part two of our trip of a lifetime. Initially we stayed with family in England while we looked into our transport options. Finally we bit the bullet, bought a campervan and set off across the English Channel. There was no specific plan, no timelines or route to follow, just a general outline that chopped and changed along the way.


The aim was to travel through South East Asia for five weeks, then jump over to Europe for the remainder of the year. We left Australia and headed straight for Thailand. From here it was over to Cambodia, then Vietnam and Laos, before returning to Thailand to fly to London.

A review of the travel and adventure books I have read so far, inspiring some of my trips around the world.

Here is a list of the countries I have visited so far. Hopefully this list continues to grow...

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