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Part two of our trip of a lifetime (click here to see part one). We had said goodbye to employment and income for a year, goodbye to rent and bills, and spent five incredible weeks backpacking through South East Asia. After leaving Bangkok we flew into London, which was the start of our 11 month vacation discovering everything that Europe had to offer. Initially we stayed with family in England while we looked into our transport options. Finally we bit the bullet, bought a campervan and set off across the English Channel. There was no specific plan, no timelines or route to follow, just a general outline that chopped and changed along the way.


It. Was. Incredible. There were plenty of highs, a few lows, but overall it was one of the best experiences of my life. We trekked through mountains and up glaciers, camped in the Sahara and lived through 24 hour daylight. We hiked volcanoes, became caught up in protests and ate amazing food. We swam all over the Mediterranean, went on a bobsleigh ride and learned more about history than I ever had at school. We visited Santa and randomly caught a Foo Fighters concert. We broke down several times in our van, ran into a tree and lost our exhaust pipe. I braved the tallest bungee jump in Europe (Danny did not). We visited almost 50 countries and yet only explored a tiny corner of the world. It showed us just how big and breathtaking this planet really is.

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