Liechtenstein, a country which really only has one town (Vaduz), and we were in and out of it before we knew it. We had to turn back after we realised we had past it. It took us a while to find a car park, despite the fact that the town/country was tiny and there really weren't any tourists around. Our walk through Vaduz lasted all of five minutes. Other than a handful of buildings lining a couple of streets, the rest of Liechtenstein consisted of green pastures dotted with plain, old-fashioned houses. The aroma of farmyard animals was not to my liking, although Danny, strangely, didn't mind it.


Danny was keen to sit down and use the internet, so I left him at a cafe and went searching for the Prince's castle, Schloss Vaduz (the royal family of Liechtenstein actually live in castle on the hill, like in some sort of fairy tale). It took me three attempts to find the right road, followed by a long walk up a steep hill. The skies were cloudy, so the views towards the surrounding snow-capped mountains were not great.  The castle itself wasn't great either: as people live there I couldn't enter the grounds. The view from the road was the rear side of the castle, and a peek through the gate only offered a glimpse of a stone wall. Not really worth the walk. 

Back in town I picked up Danny, bought some groceries and headed back to the car, where Danny cooked popcorn! I had never seen anyone make popcorn without using a microwave, but Danny was a master of doing it the old fashioned way - in a saucepan. He didn't know how many kernels to add, so we ended up with a truckload of popcorn but it was so amazingly good that we scoffed it down in no time. We promised ourselves that we would cook popcorn more often.

Our car park for the night was just outside of Vaduz, listening to the rain coming down. Danny attempted cooking some peanut butter and oat biscuits for me but they didn't turn out so well. The pizza he cooked for dinner was fantastic though. It was all about "p" foods today: pancakes (breakfast in Switzerland), popcorn, peanut butter cookies and pizza. We even had leftover potatoes for lunch. Also all about the carbs. Probably not our healthiest day of eating.   


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