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Poole, England (Part Two)

From London to Poole, where we picked up our new (but fairly old) baby: the campervan! After quick lesson in how all the bits and pieces operated, we signed our lives away and then we were the proud new owners of a mini-house on wheels.


There was much discussion with Danny's family around its name, but we decided on the royal-sounding Prince Albert Talbot the Continental Camping Crusader. This was quickly shortened to the Prince, Albert or the Crusader. We will probably get lazy and just call it the Van.

The next day was all about getting organised. We loaded the Prince/Albert/Crusader up with all of our collected possessions so far, then went on the hunt for a few more essentials. I never imagined that I would one day need to buy specialised toilet chemicals (yes, that's plural). Danny procured a stove top kettle, as he was adamant he was not going anywhere without a means of making coffee. We were lucky there was a fair bit of storage space inside the van, as our purchases clearly indicated that we had visions of moving into a spacious mansion instead of the world's most compact house. Our plans for the next 11 months were now one step closer to becoming a reality.

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