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Nadi, Fiji (Part Two)

We caught the first-class bus back to Wailoaloa beach, this time staying at a different hostel. We were given a small, second-storey room with only a ceiling fan, although we quite clearly booked an AC room. After some negotiations we scored a room with 5 beds on the ground floor and cranked up the air-con. Much better.


On previous holidays to small islands, hiring a scooter is just what you do as a tourist. Not so common in Fiji. Luckily we found a company who could lend us one for the afternoon and we drove it out to the Sobeto Mud Pools. We had no map and only made two wrong turns, so I think we did pretty well. 


Like the rest of the Fiji we had seen, Sobeto was devoid of tourists and we had the place to ourselves. After lathering mud all over ourselves, we were guided through a series of warm mud pools and mineral springs of varying temperatures. It was a little weird but very cool at the same time. I'm sure there were tons of ailments I was cured of after this process.

mud pool nadi fiji

Okay, so it wasn't the most picturesque place, but it was still fun.

We made it back at the hostel mid-afternoon (with no wrong turns), after which I decided to head out for a 40 minute run. It's completely normal to exercise in the hottest and most humid part of the day, right? The mountain scenery with low-hanging clouds was wonderful, and I was glad I had the chance to hit the streets and see Fiji's beauty.


Wailoaloa dinner number 2 was on the beach again, and spectacular sunset number 2 accompanied. Seriously, where do they pull these colours and patterns from? I think I ignored Danny for an entire hour while I took a thousand or so photos of the changing sky. 

sunset nadi fiji beach

Our last day in Fiji saw us heading out to South Sea Island, only a half hour boat ride away. When I say "island", I mean a minuscule speck of land and trees that popped up out of the water, which someone decided to build a tiny resort on. It would have been less than 200 metres across in every direction. There are people who live there. Crazy, I know. Luckily for us, there was enough entertainment to stop us from going insane. Buffet lunch (with a special vego selection for me), free alcohol all day, snorkeling, kayaking, a semi-submersible vessel, plus lounging around in hammocks filled up our time. Once we had crammed in all the R&R we had time for, we made a mad dash back to the hostel, picked up our bags and caught a taxi to the airport for yet another overnight flight (ugh).

south sea island, fiji, beach
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