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La Ceiba, Honduras

We were very, very grateful that the boat ride from Roatan back to the mainland was much smoother and much quicker than our first crossing. Not being surrounded by vomiters is always a good thing.


Waiting for us at the ferry terminal was the manager of the Jungle River Lodge, ready to whisk us away for our pre-booked rafting trip. After a quick breakfast and change of clothes, we geared up and prepared to drive to the start line. The drive wasn't in a car or van. Not even in the back of a truck. A four-wheel drive was required to tow the rafts to the river entrance, and three, fully inflated rafts were sitting one on top of the other on a trailer. We sat in the top raft. 


Once we arrived at the water we discovered we were spending the first hour canyoning. We had no idea that this was included but we went along for the adventure. We climbed up numerous giant boulders before jumping or sliding off into the cold waters below. It was fun, not at all technical or difficult, but I would rather be rafting. We soon found out why the canyoning trip was tacked on to the start of our tour.

la ceiba rafting honduras

Jumping our way through the canyon.

The white-water rafting lasted all of half an hour. The water was low, there were very few rapids and there was none of the excitement or thrill that we were expecting. The scenery was okay but that was the only positive I could find. Overall, lame. We were back before lunchtime and had nothing else to do for the rest of the day. Other forms of civilisation (shops, places to buy food and drinks) were miles away, so we were stuck at the lodge with designated eating times and no alcohol. When the water is higher it forms rock pools out the back of the hostel, which sits right over the canyon and offers great views along the river. This would have at least allowed us to go swimming. No such luck in April. I spent most of the day reading and planning the next phase of our trip. I don't think time had ever gone so slowly in my life. Maybe I should have researched the best months to sign up for rafting trips, because clearly I didn't pick a winner.

la ceiba rafting honduras

This was as exciting as it got.

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