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Mexico City, Mexico (Day Three)

As we were staying so close to Mercado San Camilito, we headed back there this morning for breakfast. For not much money I received a huge bowl of cornflakes, topped with pineapple, coconut yoghurt and granola. Not a combination I had ever tried before but it was fantastic. I know where I'm getting my breakfast from now on.


Today was all about hitting the streets. Here's a quick summary:

  • Secreteria de Educacion Publica. Culture fix. Amazing Rivera paintings and a Mexican history lesson.

  • Cathedral. Turned up during mass. Didn't stay long.

  • Palacio Nacional. Couldn't find entrance. Left.

  • Museo de la Ciudad de Mexico. Small but loved it. Impressionist painting exhibition = happy days.

  • Palacio de Belles Artes. Best-looking building in the city.

  • Mercado San Juan. If you need it, they have it. Stuffed pepper for lunch with heaps of veg was fantastic. 

  • Monumento a la Revolucion. Huge arch, glass elevator to top, okay views.

  • Museo Nacional de Arte. Pre-1850 section (yawn), Velasco exhibit (not bad), modern photo display (worth the visit).


All topped off with one litre cocktails, regular cocktails, wine, free popcorn and nachos. Great day overall.

making tortillas mexico city
palacio bellas artes mexico city

Palacio de Belles Artes.

Market life: tortillas in the making.

Tortillas by the kilo.

tortillas mexico city
market mexico city

Hitting some street food.

Regular-sized cocktails.

Monumento Revolucion mexico city

View from Monumento a la Revolucion.

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