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Negril, Jamaica

Negril, home of some of the best sunsets in the world. Pretty much the only reason we were here.


A two hour typically erratic bus ride then a short route taxi took us from Montego Bay to Negril. There seemed to be one main street that followed the coast lined with resort after resort, one of which we were staying at. Yes, we were going to break the budget and spend one whole night at a low-key hotel, complete with its own beach, bar and buffet restaurant. And air-conditioning -

air-conditioning was priority number one.


Lunch and cocktails were first port of call before hitting the water. The beach was stunning: white sand, crystal clear water, foam mats to lay in that bobbed up and down with the gentle waves, straw umbrellas to sit under - several hours were lost here. A few hustlers were walking up and down, advertising tours or singing Bob Marley songs for tips, but they weren't overbearing. It was terrific to be off the streets. 

negril, beach, jamaica
negril, beach, jamaica

Caribbean heaven.

Although our resort contained a restaurant, we had heard about a great spot further down the coast with outdoor seating over cliffs. When we arrived we found tables scattered about over several different levels, giving everyone a view of the sea. Bruschetta, pasta and wine rounded out my Italian feast. I couldn't remember the last time I ate pasta, but it was a pleasant change. The sound of the waves crashing on the rocks below provided an epic soundtrack to our dining experience.


The breakfast buffet the following morning was not as grand as I was expecting, however I had no difficulty filling myself to the brim. I stuck to the familiar foods, including very rummy rum cake. Who doesn't enjoy alcoholic sugary foods for breakfast? For some reason we weren't charged for this meal, which made it even better.


The rest of the morning before check out was spent on the sand, doing nothing. See, I did learn how to do nothing back on the San Blas Islands in Panama. As usual a Bob Marley medley was being belted out by a busker, which wasn't as awful as it sounds. There were plenty of worse artists he could have covered. While Jamaica hadn't been the island paradise I had pictured in my mind, its beaches were second to none. If only I could pack them in my bag and take them with me everywhere I travelled. 

Bob Marley busker, negril, beach, jamaica
negril, beach, jamaica

That spectacular sunset? Bit of a letdown. Not terrible, but Negril did not live up to its reputation.

negril, beach, jamaica
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