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Mexico City, Mexico (Day Five)

Sunday is not the best day to be a tourist. My awesome Cornflakes lady at the market was closed. Oxxo (convenience store) was closed. The internet cafe was closed. 7-Eleven was open, so it was sandwiches and apples for breakfast. 


I had a couple of hours spare in the morning so I headed back to Palacio Nacional to see if I could find the entrance this time. When I arrived it was blindingly obvious where the front door was. I jumped in line just as the tour buses starting pulling up, happy to beat the crowds. I had enough time for a sprint around the grounds, a quick glance at the Rivera murals and a mad dash back to the hotel to check out by 10am.

rivera, mural, palacio nacional, mexico

The full on Rivera murals, Palacio Nacional.

The bus to the airport was a much easier (and cheaper) option than the taxi we took when we arrived, but that's where our luck ran out. We attempted checking in at the airport kiosk yet no matter what we did, it didn't want to acknowledge us. It took us about 10 minutes of failed attempts before Danny realised (after checking the airline's confirmation email) that he had booked our flights for the wrong day. Right date, right time, wrong month (he was only out by five months). So off we headed to the Aeromexico office to see what they could do for us. 


While the faces of the Aeromexico staff were sympathetic to our stupidity, their actions were not. There was another flight we could catch that day, but we would have to pay an additional A$300 EACH. For a 1.5 hour domestic flight, it was obscene. In the end we forked out the money, resulting in our flights costing three times the original price. Plus we had an additional three hour wait. That's the last time Danny books tickets.


The upside: free tequila on board! I don't think we quite got our $300 worth, but we tried.

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