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Hiking in Hong Kong

Cape d'Aguilar

cape d'aguilar, hong kong

Explore this place if:

  • you love scrambling over crazy rocky outcrops

  • you are after a family-friendly hike

Avoid this place if:

  • you like your solitude

  • you have a habit of spraining your ankle on uneven terrain

Easily reached by a 4 km hike along a road, Cape d'Aguilar, on the southeast tip of Hong Kong Island, is no secret to the locals. Mobbed by young and old alike, it is highly unlikely that you will have this place to yourself. But if you can get past the fact that every photo you take will feature 100 strangers, you will find an otherworldly site filled with unusual rock formations, caves and even a whale skeleton, all sitting grandly in front of a blue sea backdrop. 

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