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Hoi An, Vietnam

Day 2

We have finally hit winter. While it has been the cool season the whole time we've been in Asia, so far it's been like a humid version of an Australian summer. Now it's cold. And wet. It did not stop raining all day.

On the upside, the weather was perfect for running. We did forget about the humidity though, which meant we sweated a lot more than we expected. The misty rain coming down removed most of that for us. We ran along the river, figuring we had little chance of becoming lost. A few locals laughed at us, telling us to run faster, faster. They mustn't see runners too often.

Today was all about picking up our clothes that we had ordered yesterday, as well as selecting a few more items that we probably didn't need. We wandered around the town a few times, admiring how different it was from HCMC. Aside from the shopkeepers calling us into their store every time we passed, it was an almost perfect town. We even found penne bolognese for lunch, another welcome break from the Asian food feast we've been gorging on the last few weeks.

We discovered a wine bar, the first we had seen in Vietnam. We miss wine. We do not miss drunk Aussies, like the ones upstairs at the wine bar who were loudly singing along to classic pub songs. 

For dinner we went restaurant-hopping along the river and tried a few more local dishes: cao lau - pork noodle soup (good); fried wonton - something like a prawn cracker with strips of pork and a salsa (okay); and banh xeo - savoury pancake consisting of rice paper, lettuce, pork, salsa and a great dipping sauce (amazing). 

hoi an, vietnam
hoi an, vietnam
Japanese covered bridge, hoi an, vietnam
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