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Ko Samui, Thailand

Day 1

Today we said goodbye to Ko Phangan and hello to Ko Samui. After a short ferry and taxi ride we checked in to the most amazing resort I've ever stayed in. We scored a beachfront bungalow, which would have been perfect were it not in front of a crowded beach. Instead of hitting the water with thousands of others, we hired a scooter and toured around Ko Samui. This time we had an automatic (I didn't mention the last scooter was manual - I can now drive a manual bike but not a manual car) which was ten times easier to drive. It even had a speedometer. 

We made our way to a tiger zoo, where we watched a fairly lame tiger show and surprisingly entertaining bird show [editor's note: looking back I am very ashamed we visited this place and supported this cruel industry]. Afterwards we drove to a waterfall but, of course, it started raining, which made the track ridiculously hard to walk (again in thongs) so it was abandoned. I tried to drive back to our resort but the rain came down so hard we had to pull over for half an hour. Then all of a sudden it stopped. Weird how it does that. 

We eventually dropped the bike back at the hotel and grabbed some dinner on the main street. We were so hungry that we sat down at the first restaurant we found, which happened to be an Australian restaurant and only sold BBQ meats. We both ordered chicken and salad, and it tasted exactly like a BBQ we would eat at home. It was a nice change from Thai food. Dessert was a banana and peanut butter pancake from a roadside stall. I can't believe we don't have street stall pancakes in Australia. 

After dinner we wandered the streets of Ko Samui, bought a whole heap of rubbish souvenirs we didn't need, and then experienced a fish foot spa. Just like it sounds - you put your feet in tanks that are full of tiny fish, which then proceed to eat the dead flesh right from your feet. Really weird experience, but if you closed your eyes it felt like mini vibrations from an electric foot spa. By the end it was pretty cool.

Our sleep that night was the worst we have had so far. People were setting off fireworks all night on the beach, despite the numerous signs saying that it was illegal to do this and you would go to jail if caught. Once again, anything goes in Thailand. They were so close and so loud I could feel my body shake when they went off. We were not happy campers the next morning.

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