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Luang Prabang, Laos

Day 3

Danny chose to have a lazy morning while I decided to take a walk out to a large temple on a hill, a few kilometres away. I didn't get to explore much of the temple as monks were currently living and working there, but I did catch a glimpse of an average view over the town. With not much else to do, I walked back LP to meet up with Danny for lunch at a restaurant on the river. I ordered chicken noodles and the dish that I received reminded me a lot of spaghetti carbonara. Not what I expected from an Asian dish. 

After our exhaustive day bike riding yesterday and my morning hike, we went for the easy option and caught a minivan out to the Kuang Si waterfalls. (Amazingly the horn was only used twice during the 45 minute drive.) The falls were some of the best I had seen. There was one main waterfall, which was okay, but there were heaps of small cascades and swimming holes with the most incredible blue water I had laid my eyes on. It almost looked artificial, being so light and almost milky blue in colour. My camera did not do it justice. We lounged around the falls for a while, watching monks jumping in the water (robes and all) and eating more treats from our beloved bakery (lemon cake and peanut butter slice - peanut butter slice is the best). At the entrance to the waterfalls there was an enclosure containing bears that had been rescued from poachers, set up by an Aussie woman. The bears looked pretty content to lie around in hammocks all day. Apparently there were tigers here once too but not sure where they have ended up.

When we arrived back in LP we climbed 300+ steps up a hill in the centre of town, which had a temple perched on top. It wasn't so much the temple I was interested in but the supposed fantastic sunsets. Apparently everyone else in town had the same idea. I managed to sneak into a spot where there weren't too many people obstructing my view and watched another beautiful sunset over the river. 

For dinner we tried more Laos food. The spring rolls (Laos style) were amazing - they actually tasted like vegetables rather than general mush. For dessert we went anti-Laos and opted for apple pudding as well as mini rice pancakes from the market - yum. Yet another fat day.

Kuang Si waterfall, luang prabang, laos
luang prabang, laos, river
sunset, view, luang prabang, laos
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