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Mekong Delta, Vietnam

Day 2

Our morning started with a boat tour around Chau Doc. First stop was a floating house/fish farm, and by house I mean a two room shack. The fish farm consisted of a cage underneath the house containing 100,000 fish (yes, they counted them). Apparently all the floating houses in the area have a cage to breed fish. As you could imagine, feeding time is crazy. Every day a diver has to go into the cage to find all the dead fish who have exploded because they have eaten too much (termed "stupid fish"). The divers don't get any equipment to do this. I really appreciate my job.

Next we were dropped off on an island in the river to visit a Muslim Cham community, which was primitive to say the least. We tried coconut rice pancakes, being cooked by a lady sitting out the front of her house. They were incredible - I could have ordered the whole lot. The locals were so friendly and welcoming. Everyone, including children, said hello as we passed. 

After this we continued on our way down the Mekong Delta for a few hours before swapping to a bus to transport us the rest of the way. We ended up in Can Tho, the biggest city in the region. It was so big we were too scared to walk far in case we became lost. We safely ventured out along the riverfront, passing by the proud Ho Chi Minh statue. We then happened to come across a supermarket, where we loaded up on yoghurt, cereal and milk (dairy is hard to come by in Asia). The final attraction we sought out was the "lake", which turned out to be a concrete monstrosity and not worth the walk. 

Traffic is a little crazy. There are motorbikes everywhere and horns going off continuously. The only way to cross the road is to confidently step out and let the motorists figure out how to go around you. We haven't been hit yet, but I'm sure it's just a matter of time.

Coconut rice pancakes, Mekong delta, vietnam
Can Tho, mekong delta, vietnam
ho chi minh, can tho, mekong delta, vietnam
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