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Hiking in Hong Kong

Sharp Island


Explore this place if:

  • you are weirdly fascinated by tombolos

  • you want an easy jaunt with postcard-perfect island views

Avoid this place if:

  • you are after a proper hike (like, more than 45 minutes)

  • you want to get away from the crowds

Sharp Island, just a short ferry trip from Sai Kung, is the playground for thousands of locals and tourists every weekend. While the hiking isn't a big drawcard (it's only 2 km from one end to the other), the views over surrounding islands and crossing the tombolo to Kiu Tau islet at low tide (or high tide if you're adventurous) are worth the journey. Pro tip: avoid the overly crowded and rocky Kiu Tsui beach in the north and head to the quieter and sandier Hap Mun Bay down south. Better yet, avoid weekends altogether.

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