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New York City (Day Six), USA

Instead of running around Central Park today I decided to walk it, meandering through many of the minor paths that I passed by yesterday. Manicured gardens, fountains, lakes, waterlilies, Strawberry Fields, Belvedere Castle, reflections of the city skyline on the water - there was enough to keep me entertained for hours, and I didn't even see the whole park. I discovered there was a fun run taking place as hundreds of people with numbered bibs passed by. I wish I had known about it sooner so I could have signed up.

central park, new york city
central park, new york city

I met Danny at the Chelsea Market for lunch, which looked wonderful but was far too expensive for what we were after. After a quick loop we left and walked the length of the High Line, a park built along an elevated, disused railroad. Here we grabbed some empanadas and tacos from a food stall to munch on while taking in the city views. While it wasn't the most exciting tourist attraction, it was nice to be able to walk in a car-free environment for an extended length of time. 

high line, new york city

Here was where I left Danny to take in a few more sights:

  • Grand Central Station. Impressive, but do train stations really need to be that big?

  • Chrysler Building. So-so.

  • Trump Tower. An obscene amount of gold and unnecessary opulence. I could think of at least a million better ways to spend his money.

  • Somehow I became caught up in the expensive fashion district. I got out of there as soon as possible.

trump tower, new york city


grand central station, new york city

Grand Central Station.

trump tower, new york city


After yet another salad bar dinner, I trekked up to the Guggenheim to meet Danny. There was a long line out the front, due to it being pay-what-you-want night. Once we finally made it inside Danny sprinted around the circular building then left, happy to escape the horde of visitors. I took my time exploring the museum, marveling at the Impressionist and Post-Impressionist paintings. The temporary Colombian exhibition was fascinating but heart-breaking, highlighting the darker events of the country's past. New York's museums were definitely living up to their reputation.

guggenheim museum, new york city

I know the feeling.

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