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New York City, USA (Day Seven)

It was time for another run around Central Park, but on this occasion I opted for the minor paths and dirt trails to places I hadn't seen yet. My legs were tired from all the walking of the past few days (or weeks, or months) so my pace was around that of a sloth, but it didn't worry me. I loved just being able to run.


It was lunchtime before we left the hotel, ready to start the touristy part of our day. We both grabbed burgers for lunch then went our separate ways. One guess where Danny went: if you said brewery, you would be right. Here's how my day unfolded:

  • Walked up to and around Harlem.

  • Cathedral of Saint John the Divine, one of the largest churches in the world. Impressive. There was a lot of empty space inside, almost as though they built it for the sole purpose of boasting about how big it was.

  • Morningside Park. Family barbecues, ultimate frisbee, softball, turtles. Beautiful spot. Seemed less pretentious than some of the parks around Manhattan.

  • Riverside Church. Church-like.

  • Randomly found a street health festival, consisting of many soul food (i.e. Caribbean-style) stalls. I didn't need to stop to find out what Caribbean food tasted like. 

  • Walked down Broadway to midtown, passing a few notable buildings and strolling through a street market. If I wasn't so full from lunch I would have stopped for the deep-fried treats on offer.

cathedral of saint john the divine, harlem, new york city
cathedral of saint john the divine, harlem, new york city
riverside church, harlem, new york city
new york city

Later in the afternoon I caught the subway to Brooklyn, where I had planned to meet Danny for dinner. Apparently Brooklyn offers some of the best pizza in NYC, and I was happy to be a taste tester to confirm or deny this. Danny and I had arranged a spot to meet earlier in the day, as we didn't have phones with us (how did people survive before mobile phones?). I waited. And waited. And waited. After an hour and a half and no Danny, I figured he was either lost, drunk or had been kidnapped. I gave up and walked down to the river.


I missed out on trying the allegedly amazing pizza, but I didn't miss the sunset and night lights of Manhattan. I ended up staying for two hours, running up and down the waterfront to take photos from every angle possible. It was a lovely location, and hundreds of others seemed to agree with me. There may have been some elbowing and death stares involved to get the best viewing point. 

sunset, statue of liberty, new york city
sunset, skyline, new york city
sunset, skyline, new york city

I found Danny back at the hotel, so I guessed he hadn't been kidnapped. Supposedly some problem with the trains. I was going with the drunk theory.

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