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Bangkok, Thailand

Day 2

Today was all about sightseeing in Bangkok. We were staying with Danny's aunt Jo (a long time expat) and, thanks to her, we managed to get around the city without becoming completely lost or paying way too much. We saw roughly a thousand temples (some lame, some amazing), cruised down the not-so-impressive river and visited several tourist shops (not all voluntarily). Our highlight was the Grand Palace, which was huge and pretty cool, particularly the Emerald Buddha. Our lowlight was being duped by a "tourist police officer" and ending up doing a tour of the city in a tuk-tuk for about three hours. Thankfully it only cost us $1.50.

There are pictures of Buddha, elephants and the king everywhere. My favourite king photo so far is of him wearing a life jacket and waving from a boat. 

Danny ordered a coffee from a street vendor. It was produced using 3 spoonfuls of coffee, 3 spoonfuls of condensed milk, hot water, then all tipped over ice. I don't think they drink much hot coffee here. Danny wasn't impressed.

Jo made us some tasty Thai snacks, including rice paper rolls and some sort of "leaf wraps" (ginger, lime, peanuts, coconut, tamarind and chilli, all wrapped up in a local leaf of some kind - amazing). She then guided us to a wine tasting where we caught up with Jess, Danny's heavily pregnant cousin, who obviously did not partake in the wine tasting. We happily tried the Australian, French and Chilean wines, but we were disappointed there were no Thai wines to sample (do they even make wine in Thailand?). After we drank far too much we all went out for a fantastic Thai dinner. I love Thai food. 

reclining buddha thailand
grand palace bangkok thailand
grand palace bangkok thailand
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