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Day 3

Why can't I sleep?? It's becoming infuriating. Rather than laying in bed in frustration, we headed out early and made a start on the day. First up was a long walk to Kampong Glam, the Malaysian quarter. It looked more like the Asia we remember, with dilapidated buildings and no skyscrapers. Other than visiting a mosque, there wasn't much to see or do so we didn’t spend long there.

Next we walked over to Little India, a much bigger and busier region. It was all about temples and street markets, and we indulged in both. After a cheap lunch we wandered up and down Orchard Rd, the famous shopping street. We passed massive mall after massive mall, and after a while it all looked the same. Not being shopping lovers, there was absolutely nothing that made us want to stay (or return) except the air-conditioning. By the time we reached the end of the street exhaustion had set in, so we headed back to our room and slept for a couple of hours. 

For dinner we planned on going to the riverfront, but found the food too expensive. Instead we ducked down a side street, picked a restaurant that was full of local people and ate a sensational Thai meal. Once we were stuffed full we walked along the colourful riverfront, picked up ice cream for dessert (there's always room for ice cream) and had a chilled out evening. 

Sakya Muni Buddha Gaya Temple, singapore
Singapore, fire station
Singapore, clarke quay, fountains, night
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