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Day 4

Still no sleep, but this time I blame Danny. I had finally dozed off around 2 a.m. when I awoke in agony, as Danny had somehow placed his entire body weight onto my right knee. After I pushed him off I thought I might be able to roll over and go back to sleep, but then he went to the bathroom and locked himself out of our room. I begrudgingly let him in and remained wide awake until I got up at 6:30 a.m. Thanks Danny.

After a late breakfast we made the long trek down to the south side of the island and stumbled upon Mt Faber. We climbed the stairs to the top, which was only 100 m high but felt like I was hiking the steepest mountain on earth with the heat and humidity that was on display today. At the summit we could just make out Sentosa Island across the water. That's all there was to see. 

At the bottom was a fancy new mall, which we used as an escape from the heat. We found a food court at the top with an endless array of options, where we picked up several bites to eat. There was a terrace outside where we could see Sentosa Island more clearly and make out the casinos and Universal Studios. We thought about going over there but decided that there was nothing that particularly interested us, so instead we caught the train back to the city. 

Once back in the centre we headed over to the Marina and around to famous Marina Bay Sands. It consisted of three tall, separate towers with a ship-shaped building sitting across the top, which contained an open air park. We thought we would find out if we could go up there. No one stopped us walking through the hotel and going up the elevator but at the top we were asked for a room key, which of course we didn’t have. We were sent back down again. 

We took a walk through adjoining mall, one of the biggest and most opulent I had ever seen. We found they were shooting an episode of the Amazing Race, so we stopped and viewed the action for a while with a bunch of other people. It wasn't as exciting as watching it on TV, where dialogue and music provided the much needed suspense. Sometimes I feel like our holiday was one long episode of the Amazing Race.

And that was it. Our vacation was over. We returned to the hostel, picked up our bags and headed off to the airport. Once there we picked up our left luggage, repacked all our bags to try to fit under the weight requirements and checked in one last time. One meal and a couple of complimentary Singapore Slings later, I settled in for a sleepless night. I won't miss this side of travelling.

Our whirlwind holiday has finally come to an end. We visited almost 50 countries and met 33 of Danny’s relatives (and there were plenty more I didn’t meet). We can both say that this trip has been one of the most amazing experiences of our lives and we have loved every minute (well, almost every minute). Unfortunately now we have to return to reality…

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